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Our Food

We take you to a land of coconut palms & tropical Kerala, South India

Specialising in South Indian favourites from village style curries, dosa & chaat
dishes you’ll only find on the street!

Our signature dish

Sadyha - Our banana leaf feast!

The dish that truly takes you to Kerala. 12 different Kerala vegetarian dishes, served with matta rice on fresh banana leaf.  Don't forget our fish fry & beef fry as a side dish!
Fingers encouraged! 

More Food...

Beef fry & Kerala Parotta

Cooked slowly in our traditionally handcrafted brass urili, with fresh ginger, coconut & Kerala spices. It kicks a punch! Don't forget the flaky parotta!

Fish fry

Always using the freshest fish from the market. Marinated in fresh ginger, garlic, turmeric & chilli. Goes perfectly with our banana leaf Sadyha.

Mutton Curry

It's a South Indian village favourite. Slow cooked goat (mutton), on the bone. Served with parotta to mop up the juices.  

Varkala Biryani

There's no bigger statement at a Muslim wedding than the biryani! Ours is inspired by the many weddings we've cooked for in our home town of Varkala, Kerala.  With slow cooked lamb or chicken, Kerala spices, cashews, sultanas and egg. You'll want to marry the chef too!

Papdi chaat (Indian nachos)

Spiced potato, chickpeas, red onion, crunchy noodles & coriander. Piled high on papdi crackers topped with home-made Indian chutneys, yoghurt & lime. Served cold.

Pani Puri Bombs

Boom! You’re in heaven! Six crispy balls filled with potato & chickpea mash, red onion & Babaji’s chutneys, crunchy noodles & pomegranate. Served cold with ‘pani’- tangy green chilli and mint water.

Indian Rail’s samosa chaat

Vegetable samosas loaded with chickpea daal, fresh tomato, red onion, Babaji’s chutneys, yoghurt, crunchy noodles, pomegranate & coriander.

Kerala thali

Perfect if you can’t decide or want a little bit of everything.

A tasting plate of five of our South Indian curries, selected by our chef.

Served with rice, pickle & pappadam.

Meat, veg and vegan options.