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Sadyha - Our banana leaf feast!

The dish that truly takes you to Kerala. 12 different Kerala vegetarian dishes, served with matta rice on fresh banana leaf.  Don't forget our fish fry & beef fry as a side dish!
Fingers encouraged! 

and more...

Beef fry & Kerala Parotta

Cooked slowly in our traditionally handcrafted brass urili, with fresh ginger, coconut & Kerala spices. It kicks a punch! Don't forget the flaky parotta!

Fish fry

Always using the freshest fish from the market. Marinated in fresh ginger, garlic, turmeric & chilli. Goes perfectly with our banana leaf Sadyha.

Mutton Curry

It's a South Indian village favourite. Slow cooked goat (mutton), on the bone. Served with parotta to mop up the juices.