Namaste, thanks for visiting!

We want you to know we’re here for the long haul.
Here’s what we’re doing to do just that!

1 . Our Dining Hall is OPEN and we can’t wait to see you!

We recommend booking (especially weekends) as we have limited seating capacity due to COVID restrictions.

The heaters on, the music’s playing.

We’ve deep cleaned the place.

We’re ready!

2. Babaji’s on tour!  Home delivery


Every night WE DELIVER LOCALLY to Belgrave (Hts & Sth), Selby, Upwey, Tecoma & Kallista.

Our ‘EXTREME DELIVERY’ service to further afield is also still running and IT’S FREE!

Each week we are delivering at 6pm to a fixed location in:

THURS nights BORONIA – Dan Murphy Carpark
FRI nights OLINDA or MONBULK – Check FB for which town we are visiting this week.
SAT night CROYDON  / MT EVELYN – Check FB for which town we are visiting this week.
SUN night, EMERALD – Outside Commonwealth Bank.

3. We’re ‘paying it forward’

Throughout COVID we have been overwhelmed with the support we have received from our very generous community who have also been ‘paying it forward’. Working with ‘Community Casseroles’, we have already cooked $1000 worth of butter chicken & vegetable korma for those in our community struggling. 

A good curry sooths the soul and sets aside your problems for the moment.

That’s why we have no plan to stop this initiative after COVD restrictions.

4. Looking after our staff

We are proud to have kept all our Indian staff during COVID – who are not Australian permanent residents and so have no access to government assistance, are unable to return to their countries as borders are closed and have little family support in Australia.

And we’ve done this ourselves, without Jobkeeper, with very limited government assistance and overwhelming support from our community.

There’s nothing like a ‘fire in the belly’ to get a business motivated when our Federal Government’s Jobkeeper policy discriminates against legitimate Australian businesses, who by their nature, need to employ staff with a skill set and who are often from international backgrounds.

6. We’re teaching you how to cook like a Keralan aunt!

This September – We’re planning an epic Keralan banana leaf banquet. You’re invited and we hope you’ll ‘bring a plate’ of your favourite traditional Keralan dish that you’ve learnt to cook from our You Tube channel.


Keep an eye on our event details for the latest update (location and times of banquet). You’ll find more info on our Facebook Event page here.

5. We’re available for catering – event, corporate, weddings

As life slowly returns to some sort of normality, we’re excited about the events & partnerships ahead.  We recognise that everyone is still feeling anxious about the future and that the event landscape may look quite different.

Luckily, the Indian in us – makes us flexible and creative problem solvers – whilst always being reliable.

If you’ve got a plan brewing – let’s talk 

‘Difficult times can diminish us, define us, or develop us

We’ve made our decision.

Max , Billy & the Babajis Team.