Namaste, thanks for visiting!

We want you to know we’re here for the long haul.
Here’s what we’re doing to do just that!

1 .We’re still cooking

We’re sad to say the Dining Hall is closed but we are still able to offer Take Away & contactless Home Delivery.
For the moment we can’t use your reusable Take Away containers but we are using fully home compostable containers . You can be confident we are abiding by Government recommendations and continue to be strict with our cleaning processes.

2. We’ll be paying it forward

With your help we will make sure our community does not go hungry. Working with Foothills Community Care , we’ll cook meals each week for those who are in need, You can donate whilst ordering a take away both online and in store. If you are needing a feed, just come in and ask for a ‘coffee’ and we’ll make sure you’re looked after . No questions asked.

3 . We’ll look after our staff

The backbone to Babajis is our staff, many of whom are International students and not eligible to receive any government assistance and are a long way from ‘home’.
We will be doing our best by any staff member who does not have access to external support (permanent resident or not).

4. We’ll keep updating our socials

There sure is a lot of misinformation about how small businesses like ours are travelling and the support they are getting. We’ll keep you updated each week on our wins & some of our challenges.
We’ll be keeping it positive and very community oriented and at times we’ll whisk you away to our tropical paradise Indian home; Kerala. Because just for a moment , its nice to escape winter in the Dandenong Ranges .

5. We’ll make new friends
(Events / Festivals & Private Catering)

There’s no better time to make new friends. We’re always looking for new partners that we can provide an amazing street food catering experience with.
From wedding venues and event organisers.
If you’re looking for a reliable & flexible supplier who will go with your crazy idea get in touch.
Let’s make a plan and explore how we can help each other !

6. We’re planning a Big Fat Keralan Banana Leaf Banquet

As a thank you for your support during COVD we invite you to our ‘Onam’ , Keralan ‘Christmas’ celebration in September . We ‘ l l be cooking up a community feast in our Aussie home, Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges & invite you to bring a long your favourite Keralan dish you’ve cooked to share. Every week during isolation, we’ll teach you how to make a traditional Onam Sadyha dish at home until you’ve mastered the whole 20 dish banquet!
You’ll find more info on our Facebook Event page here.


. . . We can’ t thank you enough for the community support we are receiving.

‘Difficult times can diminish us, define us, or develop us

We’ve made our decision.

Max , Billy & the Babajis Team.