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April '23 Australian Student Malayali Association - $380 raised!


April '23 Australian Student Malayali Association - $380 raised!

Wowsers! $380 raised for Kerala International Students In Australia. 

We know just how hard  it is to follow your dreams and move country, especially one so different to South India. Feelings of isolation, loneliness are all part of the journey. The Australian Student Malayali Association, brings young Keralites together, to support each other & celebrate Mallu culture.  


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A group of Tecoma preschoolers listen to a story outside

Upcoming Community Days - Tecoma Pre School & Warburton Warriors

JUNE '24 COMMUNITY DAYS BELGRAVE - Thurs 13 June Sometimes its our little-ist folk that need a helping hand! So this month's Community Day in Belgrave, we'll be raising funds for the Tecoma Pre S...
A young scout with a beautiful smile

April 24 - $500 raised for the Upwey Scouts

DIB DIB DIB! DOB DOB DOB! Awww, love our community. We got our WOGGLES on and raised $500 for Upwey Scouts to take their kiddos to Jamboree in Queensland.  This is a life defining experience...
A cricket player is excited by their hit

Tues November 14th '23 - Upcoming Community Day - Upwey Cricket Club

Cricket! It's in our blood!   And if you're a cricket fan, you're Babaji's family! Coming up - Tues 14th November, we'll be raising funds for the Upwey Cricket Club, with 10% of all our ...