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 —  Babaji's Kerala Kitchen
Where can you set up?

We can set up on all private properties (front lawns, driveways and sometimes back yards).

We require good accessibility and  a flat space of at least 4 x 4m  with no stairs to navigate.

To set up on council or Parks Victoria land, permits may be required. All event permits and associated costs are your responsibility. We can provide you with all our permits allowing us to cook outside, including our public liability insurance, CFA permits & Food Safety certificates.

Where do you serve from?

This really depends on your event & how you would like things to be set up. Usually, we serve directly from our street kitchen, serving just as if you are at a festival.

However, we can also set up self-serve banquets or offer cocktail style service with wait staff serving, for an additional fee (or you can provide your own waitstaff).

Will there be enough food?

You know that aunty who insists you eat, eat, eat! That’s us! We’re used to cooking for ’the village’, expect the food to flow and everyone to leave with satisfied bellies.

Where do you cook from?

In most cases, we cook from our fully self-sufficient festival style kitchen, which we set up, or our rustic street food cart. Watching us cook is the magic of an Indian street kitchen – expect street food theatre, colour, cheesy banter & your guests salivating as the smells waft through your venue. For this we require a flat space of 4m x 4m. We need access to our van and require clear access of no more than 10 metres away from where you would like us to set up.

If your venue has a kitchen - it can make sense to use this. We are happy to provide all our food certifications and public liability insurances that your venue may require. 

How many people can you cook for?

We are experienced in cooking for small events of 50 people, to cooking for thousands at large scale music festivals and at big fat Indian weddings! We may require a larger space to cook for groups over 200 to allow us to set up a bigger street kitchen.

For smaller groups, please note our minimum spend. 

May - August  $1500 + GST

Sep - April $1500 +GST (weekdays), $2500 + GST (Friday & weekends)


How many dosa can you cook per hour?

We offer unlimited dosa is unlimited and will be cooked during an agreed time (usually 2 hrs). Dosas do take some time to cook. Typically, in most situations, we can cook aroud 60 dosa an hour (weather dependent). Our dosas are big (around 40cm), we recommend cutting and serving our dosa in half and / or offering an alternative for those who do not want to wait, such as idli.  If you have a larger group (100+),  just let us know & we'll make sure your guests are fed quickly.

Can you cook in our venue's kitchen?

Absolutely, we possess all the necessary insurances and food certifications to allow us to cook at public events & in private venue kitchens. We are happy to share these with you and your venue.

Due to us using our own Indian hotplates, dosa, can only be cooked outside and not in a private kitchen.

And just like an Indian mum, we’re going to leave the place spotless after we’re done!