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South Indian Clay Pot Banquets

For the ultimate feast, enjoy a traditional South Indian Banquet served from our traditional brass or clay pots.

Guests are welcome to help themselves, and come back for seconds.

We'll keep the curries flowing!

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Babaji's Catering - Private

South Indian Clay Pot Banquets

Enjoy a traditional South Indian Banquet served from our traditional South Indian pots.

All banquets are served with steamed basmati rice, raita, pickle & pappadams.

We'll keep the curries flowing!

"The most authentic South Indian food we've had in Victoria. Staff were lovely, the whole experience was happy & bright"

- Footscray Food Blogger



Prices subject to change.


Your choice of 4 vegetarian curries with rice, pappadam, pickle & raita
(Add additional vegetarian curries $5 p.p. | paneer $6 p.p.)

Kerala feast | $38 P.P.

Your choice of 3 vegetarian curries, 2 meat curries (beef or chicken) with rice, pappadam, pickle & raita
(Lamb / goat / fish dishes + $2 p.p.)
(Add additional curries – Vegetarian $5 p.p. | Chicken / Beef $7 p.p. Lamb | Goat / Fish - $8 p.p.)

Malabari BANQUET | $60 P.P.

Your choice of 3 canape starters from our street food canape menu, followed by a Kerala Feast (see above)
(Add additional curries as above)

Desserts | $7 P.P.

Small batch traditional Indian kulfi
Choose from pistachio & cardamom, mango, raspberry & rose, crème caramel or strawberry pimms

Chai / Coffee station | $60 set up
+ $4 p.p. (Vegan + $2 p.p.)

Freshly brewed chai or South Indian coffee

Vegetarian Dishes

v = vegan, gf = gluten free

Malabar potato & pea

Creamy potato & pea curry with coconut, tomato, red onion, curry leaves & mustard seeds (v, gf)


Chickpea daal, with coconut, tomato, red onion, coriander & cumin. (v, gf)


Creamy green lentil daal with cashews (v, gf)


Toor dahl with mixed Kerala vegetables including carrot, eggplant, wintermelon & snake beans (v, gf)


Mixed Kerala vegetables including taro, plantain, wintermelon, carrots & beans, in a coconut gravy. (v, gf)

Muttakose thenga payaru

Cabbage, coconut & channa daal (v, gf)

Mathan & thenga spinach

Creamy pumpkin, coconut & spinach (v, gf)


Bean & plantain with coconut, with coconut, green chilli, garlic & red onion (v, gf)


Cauliflower, potato, carrot, green beans & peas in a mild cashew masala (v, gf)

Beetroot pachadi

Beetroot, mustard, curry leaves with yoghurt. (gf)

Palak paneer

Indian cottage cheese with spinach, tomato & onion gravy (gf)



Meat Dishes

Chicken Chettinad

South Indian chicken curry cooked with coconut, curry leaves, mustard seeds & coconut. (gf)

Chicken Malabari

Chicken thighs (on the bone) in a spicy turmeric, ginger, garlic, tomato, roasted coconut masala. (gf)

Butter chicken

Mild chicken curry with tomato & cashew nut. (gf)

Beef Ularthiyathu

Kerala ‘dry’ roast beef, cooked with ginger, onion, garlic & Kerala spices (gf)

Goat thattakuda

Tender goat on the bone, cooked slowly in a spicy ginger, garlic masala. (gf)

South Indian lamb

Tender leg of lamb with a creamy cashew, ginger, garlic gravy (gf)

Village style tamarind fish

Fresh pomfret with tamarind, tomato, red onion, ginger & garlic masala. (Fish contains bones.) (gf)


Small batch traditional Indian kulfi

Choose from pistachio & cardamom, mango, raspberry & rose, crème caramel or strawberry pimms | $7 p.p.


Fresh drinking coconuts

Freshly Opened | $8 p.p.


Mango, cardamom, Yarra Valley strawberry or salt | $5 p.p. (vegan +$2)

Nimbu pani

Home-made lemonade, freshly squeezed limes, mint, spices & sugar | $5 p.p.

Indian soft drinks

Thums up / Miranda / Limca | $4

Juices / standard soft drinks available



Layered flaky Kerala style bread | + $4.50 each


Steamed rice cakes | + $3 each


Savoury lentil doughnuts | +$3 each


Spicy tomato, onion, mustard seeds, chilli, tamarind & turmeric broth | + $4 p.p.


Tamarind, ginger, red chilli & coconut chutney | + $2 p.p.

Onion bhajis

served with mint raita | + $3 each

Paan rolls

South Indian spring rolls. Choose from vegetarian, beef & potato or chicken & mushroom | $4 each


Vegetarian samosa served with home-made date & tamarind chutney | $4 each

Banana leaf plates | $3 p.p.


Kerala Kachumber

Crunchy fresh cucumber, tomato, carrot, red onion & coriander with cumin, mint & lemon. (v, gf)

South Indian coconut slaw

Crunchy, tangy slaw with carrot, red cabbage, red onion, fresh coconut, yoghurt, lime & crunchy noodles (gf)

Watermelon, cucumber & strawberry

With scattered pistachios, mint & chilli (v, gf)

South Indian cous cous (Upma)

With green beans, carrot, pineapple, cashews, mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chilli & lime (v, gf)

Indian spinach salad with lentils & cauliflower

With lentils, roast cauliflower, radish, shallots, tamarind, ginger & pistachios. (v, gf)

Salads | $5 per serve
Minimum - 25 serves






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Where can I taste test your dishes?

Most of our dishes are served at our restaurant in Belgrave. We are open 6 days a week for lunch and dinner, closed on Wednesdays.

As we navigate staff shortages which are affecting our industry, please call ahead or check our socials to ensure we are open. We are located at 1/1644 Burwood Hwy, Belgrave.

Whilst you can get a feel for our food at our restaurant, it would be great to make a suitable time with our catering manager,

Billy to meet in person and share your vision. Billy can be reached on 0405 765 388.